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Definition of Youthia PTI Imran Khan Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf

Definition of Youthia.. 

This word is not derived from any dictionary or literature. it is also spelled & written as Youthiya or Youthya. Opponents use this word normally to mention for those people who are politically immature and whose arguments are based on fabricated or fake source of information.

Youthia is used to referred those people who are the young followers of PTI and supporters of Imran Khan. Most of them have limited political knowledge and they are unaware of the history. Opponents claim that youthias are immature and blind supporters of Imran Khan and also believe that the political approach of youthias is unrealistic. They are the hardcore critics of Nawaz Sharif and argue that PML-N's projects are just the waste of resources and all funds should be spent on Army, police, hospitals and schools. 

This Word Youthia is used as a slang to tease the supporters of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf by "patwaries" (See Definition of "Patwaris" used for supporters of PMLN).

The word youthia is not used in any newspaper and Television or any other forum because it’s a slang word which can’t be used on national Level media. This word is commonly and frequently used on social media and blogging sites.

The matter of fact is the majority of Pakistani Youth and well-educated people support PTI which tease its opponents / rivals a lot. So, they call them Youthia.

Definition of Youthia PTI Imran Khan Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf

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